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Tire Inflator

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Pro Tool CO2 inflator. Easy to transport

The Tire Inflator Pro Tool is a convenient sized CO2 inflator that can be easily carried in a small tool bag or bike compartment. Made of aluminum alloy and high quality CNC machining, its mechanism is of excellent quality and prevents leaks that can leave the tool without functioning precisely at the time when it is really needed. The Pro Tool, a CO2 tire inflator, is a tool made to last!

Small, Compact & Lightweight

To avoid inconvenience, the manufacturer recommends using threaded CO2 cartridges of superior quality to achieve higher performance, you can opt for the CO2 cartridges of 16gr that the same manufacturer Pro Bike Tool offers. It is advisable to keep in mind that cheap and low quality CO2 tanks can affect the thread and seals of the tool, causing damage. You can also make use of threaded CO2 cartridges of the type used by preparers of beer and artisanal beverages to pressurize the system, the important thing is that the quality of the construction of the thread and the point of coupling, allows an optimal sealing.

Pro Tool CO2 is Easy to Use

The operation is very simple. Simply insert the cartridge into the tool, attach the tool outlet valve to that of the bicycle and turn the crank so that the air encapsulated in the cartridge fills the tire chamber. Once you get the desired approximate pressure, close the crank, remove the tool and check with a pressure gauge. If more air is required, you can repeat the process as many times as necessary.

Inflating tires always under control

A positive feature of the Tire Inflator Pro Tools system is the simple way in which the volume of air passing through the nozzle is controlled by the knob, which makes it stand out from other similar models. It is important to know that the CO2 tank keeps the carbon dioxide gas at very high pressure, which is why it is important to maintain control over the air entering the wheel, otherwise it can over-inflate quickly. It is also compatible with the Presta and Schrader threaded valves, as it has a universal head design that does not require any additional attachment.

To prevent hard situations

As a tool for temporarily solving an urgent problem and giving time to perform a specialized repair, the Pro Tools CO2 fulfills an important task. It can free you from difficult situations and save you bad times.

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