Segway miniPRO 2018 Edition


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The minipro is not a hover board-it’s the next step in the Evolution of personal transportation. If anything, it is the hover board 2.0. The minipro is a hands-free, two-wheel electric scooter with safer features, higher speeds, and longer battery life.

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Segway miniPRO 2018 Edition Smart Self Balancing

The Segway MiniPRO hoverboard is the best-developed Self Balancing personal transport system to date. It includes amazing standard features such as anti-theft alarm customizable LED lights, Smartphone application, long battery life, among others. With a construction with materials of exceptional quality, UL2272 certification, ergonomic design, stylish and well thought out, make this fascinating means of transport one of the favorites in the exciting world of high performance hoverboads.

Yes, and it is that definitely, in the range of self-balancing vehicles, the Segway MiniPRO requires a different treatment with respect to the traditional hoverboards that are offered in the market. Mainly due to the way the unit itself is managed, the design features presenting options and usage alternatives that are absent in the large universe of commercial hoverboads offered in stores by different manufacturers.

When using it, the first thing that stands out is the sensation of robustness and security that the user feels. It feels perfectly balanced, remaining upright even though some maneuvers to try to push it. Outside paved areas, it performs very well in terms of manoeuvrability and comfort of use. It travels along paths, absorbing imperfections and preventing them from being transmitted to the driver.

Segway minipro smart self balancing

10.5" pneumatic wheels provide Excellent Comfort

The Segway MiniPRO is fitted with 10.5″ thick tires inflated by air. The entire unit weighs approximately 28 pounds (12.7 kg). The wheels have a valve where the extension hose that comes with the equipment in the box is connected. This will allow, through a manual or electric pump, to inflate the tires and make the trip very comfortable. Unlike the polyurethane coated wheels of commercial hoverboard devices on the market, nothing compares to the feeling of comfort you get from air tires, even though today’s rigid materials are also very flexible.

In this respect, it is important to highlight that, as with bicycles or even cars, correct inflation of the tires will allow better use of energy. As it has low air pressure, its bearing becomes heavier and therefore speed reduce and energy consumption increases. On the other hand, when driving on stony roads or on sand, having it inflated a little below normal will result in better grip and better driving comfort. Over-inflation in all circumstances will cause rigidity in handling and abnormal bearing wear.

Segway minipro smart self balancing

Segway MiniPro Aeronautical Grade Magnesium Alloy Frame

The Segway MiniPRO is built on a frame made of Aeronautical Grade Magnesium Alloy, super resistant, which can carry a maximum load of 220 Lbs. (100 Kg). Although when you have the MiniPRO in your hands, it’s easy to get the perception that you could actually carry much more than that weight, mainly due to the hardness and structural consistency that is perceived. However, it is very possible that other components such as tires, for example, have a load limit close to that figure so that they can operate safely.

Two Powerful 800w motors Each One.

With powerful engines of 800w installed in each of the wheels, i.e. 1600w in total, the Segway MiniPRO hoverboard is surely the longest in this category, the most powerful. It has a top speed of 10 mph (16 kph), can cope with slopes of up to 15° incline and a range of 14 miles (22.4 kms) with a single load.

Once the battery has been exhausted, it will have to be connected to the charger and it will take approximately 4 hours to have it fully replaced again.

While the Segway MiniPRO hoverboard is rated to carry a maximum charge of 220 Lbs., it also requires a minimum weight of 80 Lbs. In addition, the steering control bar can be perfectly adjusted to users from 3’11” to 6’6″ in height, allowing it to be used by several members of a family in complete comfort and safety.

Segway minipro smart self balancing

Learn to Ride in Minutes

Segway minipro smart self balancing

Adapt to Road Obstacles

Segway minipro smart self balancing

Lightweight & Portable

UL2272 Certification and high Quality Materials

On this device, as an option for family use, we must emphasize that, in addition to having the UL2272 certification, Segway is a manufacturer that is known for developing devices of this type for commercial use, taking care of all aspects related to the active and passive safety of the driver. All that experience and knowledge in engineering and development is transmitted to each product of the brand. When you buy a Segway MiniPRO, you are not only acquiring a high performance hoverboard, but at the same time a vehicle with engineering development focused on user safety. That way, not only can you use it as an adult, but at the same time you can delegate it to your family for entertainment or perform some task in complete safety and tranquility.

Segway MiniPro always connected at your Smartphone

The Segway MiniPRO comes with the ability to connect a media application to your Smartphone, through which you can access important options such as the ability to remotely operate your MiniPRO. Direct it in the route without having to make you some voluntary movement for it and as simple as moving a finger to make the Segway MiniPRO go where you want to go. Additionally, there are options that are related to speed control, customize LED lights, make a diagnosis of the unit to check its proper functioning and the ability to block it and activate the alarm remotely, among others.

Segway minipro smart self balancing
Segway minipro smart self balancing
Segway minipro smart self balancing

Automatic and customized LED Lights

The lighting of the Segway MiniPRO includes a system of LEDs at the front and back that are activated by movement and ambient light. Front activation when going to the front, red LEDs when slowing down or going backwards and directional when going to one side or the other. Similarly, the MiniPRO hoverboard includes two powerful LED headlights installed in front of the unit to maximize visibility during night-time rides. And by the way, a novel advance on the other hoverboards on the market, is the inclusion of an ambient sensor that will allow the lights to turn on automatically when the day goes by and the ambient lighting decreases or if you are suddenly passing through an enclosed place where it is not possible to see clearly enough. The automatic system will activate the lights without you having to worry about stopping and turning them on. Characteristics of a high-end car, in a one-man transport unit also high-end.

Drive easily with Segway MiniPro control Bar

The control bar, characteristic of the brand, makes the Segway MiniPRO very easy to use unlike traditional hoverboards that are sold on the market and in which a slight twist must be made in the ankles in order to orient the equipment in the desired direction. The Segway MiniPRO follows a more natural behavior for the user with this type of attachment, just tilt the body slightly towards the direction you want to go and the unit will begin to rotate in that direction. Something really very simple to control and at the same time, with the training system for new users, it is very easy to start using your new hoverboard even without any previous experience in this type of units.

Segway MiniPro, more than just a Hoverboard.

In summary, due to the characteristics of the Segway MiniPRO hoverboard, it is highly recommended not only as an alternative vehicle to be transported in the city but also as a unit that can be used by several members of a family for fun or for alternative transport needs for short distances. The safety factor under which it is built, the ease with which you can learn to operate it from the beginning, even without previous experience in this type of units, give it the peace of mind, safety and reliability necessary for that purpose.

The control arm of the Segway MiniPRO, is a proprietary development of the brand that is not found in other hoverboards on the market and allows it to drive more intuitively and naturally than the others. Additionally, it is removable so that you can reduce the size of the unit and easily enter in the trunk of a car. On the other hand, if you need to walk and don’t want to load the unit, the bar serves you easily so you can pull the unit behind you as you walk. The application for your Smartphone gives you full control over the Segway MiniPRO and you can even drive it anywhere you want by simply moving your finger across the screen. Then there’s the innovative alarm that will warn you if someone tries to take your MiniPRO without your consent.

The high manufacturing standards of the Segway MiniPRO, coupled with all of the above, makes this a very appropriate vehicle for anyone looking for a high performance hoverboard that is safe and intuitive to use.

Segway minipro smart self balancing

Reliable Safety Day & Night

Segway minipro smart self balancing

Custom Fit & Max Comfort

Segway minipro smart self balancing

High-Speed Transportation

Segway minipro smart self balancing

Phone App Control & Anti-theft

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Specification: Segway miniPRO 2018 Edition

Product Dimensions

21.4 x 10.3 x 34 inches, 28 pounds

Battery Type


Charging Time




Foldable Design


Front Brakes

Front Light

Front Suspension

Front Wheel


Include Battery

LCD Display

Load Capacity


Range per Charge

Rear Brakes

Rear Light

Rear Suspension

Rear Wheel

Removable Battery



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