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If you are looking for a scooter that is tough enough, fast enough and has the endurance for every day travel, QIEWA Q1hummer might be your best Choice!

QIEWA Q1Hummer Electric Scooter

The Qiewa Q1hummer electric scooter is very popular among lovers of this type of vehicles and the reason is very simple, is the relationship between the options offered and a more affordable price than others such as Dualtron or similar and equip components of the brand minimotors, with prices bordering on $4000 but obviously also with more features. Qiewa Q1 hummer has a much lower price, also offers less power, some features less too but so it has, is an intermediate choice between the classic city scooters and the all-terrain heavyweight.

And in fact it is enough to take a look outside to realize that it is designed for the hard deal, true all-terrain explorer. The first thing you see when you receive the box, is the weight of the scooter. If you have been used to driving the most commercial scooters of 250w or 350w of power, you will notice that this one is much more robust and heavy than all those that you tried in the past. But, don’t think the weight is in vain, the Qiewa Q1hummer electric scooter implements a better frame and its coupling points are more reinforced to resist walking a trail with weight and speed without hesitation. The extra attachments are also easy to appreciate at first glance and realize that this little one is something totally different from the rest.


Fully Suspension and powerful Disc Brakes

Its wheels are 10″ in diameter and are equipped with air inflated tires. At the front and rear is equipped with a set of dual spring shock absorbers. At the rear, with a 45° retraction angle and subjected to an exhaustive test to give you the peace of mind and safety you are looking for when driving on rocky terrain or dirt tracks. The Qiewa Q1hummer electric scooter will stand as steady as a rock as you chart the course.

While it’s not equipped with hydraulic brakes, both wheels it equipped with mechanically actuated disc brakes that behave very well and their performance gives the user safety and control. Additionally, for maintenance purposes, it is very simple and with a little skill and some tools, you will be able to keep everything in perfect order yourself. If you want to know more about bike brakes, you can click here to read more.

qiewa q1hummer

Qiewa Q1Hummer Powerful 800w motor and 550 Lbs Max Load!

Its sturdy chassis allows it to carry a maximum load of amazing 550 Lbs.! (249.5 Kgr), that is to say, any adult person can mount it and although by its characteristics, two people could calmly get on the Qiewa Q1hummer 800watts electric scooter, this practice is not advisable for safety factors because neither of them will be firmly standing on the board so as not to fall accidentally.

The 800w motor delivers a lot of power, becoming sensitive to the accelerator. In order to have more control, the Qiewa Q1hummer electric scooter has 3 different driving speeds, the first limited to 12 mph (19.2 kph), the second to 25 mph (40 kph) and finally the third reaches the maximum available speed 37 mph! (59 kph).

Qiewa Q1Hummer 60 miles on a single charge

It powers the Qiewa Q1 hummer extraordinary electric motor, a 48v 26Ah battery that is capable of maintaining fun for a distance of 60 miles (96 kms), depending on driving conditions. But whatever the circumstances, we’re sure you’ll enjoy every moment. Once the battery is depleted, it takes the Qiewa Q1 hummer scooter between 8 and 12 hours to recharge it again. In this respect, it is usual to leave it charging at night while you sleep to have it ready for the next day’s adventure! So, we hope this qiewa q1 hummer review help to know a little more about that amazing scooter and the Qiewa Q1 hummer price is very affordable in relation to the benefits and different features against others cheaper.

qiewa q1hummer electric scooter
qiewa q1hummer electric scooter

Anti theft alarm

A very interesting addition to give you security and peace of mind while using your Qiewa Q1 electric scooter is that it comes with a built-in alarm system that will alert you if someone is trying to take it away. The system emits an audible alert that is easy to perceive even if you are inside an enclosure and the scooter is parked outside.

qiewa q1hummer electric scooter
qiewa q1hummer electric scooter
qiewa q1hummer electric scooter
qiewa q1hummer electric scooter

Brighter lights and a useful LCD screen

In order to transport it, the Qiewa Q1hummer electric scooter folds up from the base by simply moving a crank key that leaves the pole lock free. Regarding the lighting, Qiewa Q1hummer incorporated in this model two very efficient headlights to see at night, although we can also suggest additional equipment in front and install a rear, in the first case to improve the visibility of the route especially in stony terrain and in the rear to be warned by other drivers. On the sides, the Qiewa Q1hummer electric scooter has colored LED lights that give it a very modern and striking appearance when driving at night.

Its LCD screen on the right-hand side contains all the useful information you need, such as battery charging and the desired gear selection. Additionally, it has a USB port to connect your Smartphone if you want to dock it through a stand that you must purchase separately or some other smart device like a GPS to guide you while driving. Best of all, the water resistance level is IP66 so you can feel safe to drive in moderate rain conditions and go through puddles of water without fear of internal damage. What you can’t do is spray water directly with a wash hose or something similar.

qiewa q1hummer electric scooter
qiewa q1hummer electric scooter

Qiewa Q1Hummer a great option for You

In summary, the Qiewa Q1 electric scooter is an excellent intermediate option to the traditional 250w or 350w electric scooters for use in the city and heavy-duty scooters such as the Dualtron Thunder for example, which exceed $4000, also have more features, but is out of the reach of many users who yearn to have an electric scooter with excellent features. And indeed, Qiewa Q1 has become very popular precisely because it fits its segment of users who like this type of vehicle and have had in the past other less powerful but now want to go to another level.

This electric scooter has the ability to offer excellent power performance, speed development, load capacity, driving comfort and safety and a great operating range. Points that have made it the preferred choice in a market segment eager for new experiences.

qiewa q1hummer electric scooter
qiewa q1hummer electric scooter
qiewa q1hummer electric scooter
qiewa q1hummer electric scooter

Qiewa Q1 Details

Scooter Weight : 55lbs
Max Loading Weight : 550lbs
Drive Speed: 3 adjustable drive speed 12/25/37MPH
Electric Instrument Gauge: YES
Handle Bar: Quick adjustable range from 38in-48in Brake: Dual disk brake for stable braking
Suspension: Dual shock for smoother ride
Foldable : 2s quick-folding
Light: Headlight +Side light +Tail braking light
Tire: 10’ pneumatic tire
Remote control: Yes remote key fob included for anti-theft and lock/unlock
USB Port: Yes can charge phones Horn: Yes
Kick Stand: Yes
Mud Flap:Yes
Waterproof: IP66 ie.can drive in the rain but could not be soaked in water
Battery information :26Ah 5C 18650 lithium battery
Charging time :8-12 hours
Package Dimension: 46*11*20 inch
Road System requirement : adapting to the roads of different terrains such as flat road and hills.Max climbing 30 degrees.
Seat: NOT included but could be bought and installed easily

Specification: QIEWA Q1Hummer

Battery Type


Charging Time




Foldable Design


Front Brakes

Front Light

Front Suspension

Front Wheel


Include Battery

LCD Display

Load Capacity


Range per Charge

Rear Brakes

Rear Light

Rear Suspension

Rear Wheel

Removable Battery



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  1. Thomas Dale

    Since I received my scooter two month ago, I didn’t stop to ride it because is really fun. Nothing to compare with other cheapest electric scooters with less power. It feels very different!. Two months and works perfectly, but if you will use every day riding long distances, I’ll recommend good maintenance practices, firstly, lube! lube always as you can if you want to keep it as the first day.

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  2. Jayson Rivers

    It’s built like a little tank. It feels strong, fast and fun to ride.

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