Nakto Fat Tire Bike 20″ Discovery


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Nakto Bike 20" Discovery Ultra Fat Tire Bike

The Nakto Bike 20″ Discovery Ultra Fat Tire electric bicycle has the ingredients necessary to quickly become the preferred choice for those looking for a lightweight, powerful and versatile all-terrain transport. Additionally, its avant-garde design adds an attraction that, we are sure, many will find valuable. Its double 5-spoke alloy wheels add a feature of distinction over other competitors in the same category.

Similarly, the carbon steel construction of the frame with the main rectangular brace to house the battery, offers the view, a robust appearance that stands out from its design. As with the manufacturer’s other models, the Nakto Fat Tire Bike 20″ Discovery, the battery is easy to remove by simply turning the key. This option we consider very valuable for the cyclist because it allows to have extra replacement batteries that can be exchanged in the middle of a journey in order to provide greater autonomy.

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Powerful 350w Motor and 300 Lbs max Load

Its 4″ wide Fat Tire tires are mounted on 20″ diameter wheels that give it good performance and grip on unpaved terrains of dirt, sand and snow. It also has excellent maneuverability when driving in the city, allowing obstacles to be avoided very easily without complications. Its adjustable seat adjusts perfectly to different sizes of drivers, allowing to adopt a comfortable position to pedal.

Its 350w engine is able of carrying a maximum load of up to 300 Lbs. and making the Nakto Fat Tire Bike 20″ Discovery Fat Tire electric bike reach a maximum speed of 16 mph (25.6 kph). Its 48v, 8 Ah Lithium Ion battery gives it an operating range of 20 to 26 mph, depending on road conditions, driving style and driver weight. Full assist routes, i.e. those where there is no need to pedal and where you drive uphill, will always consume much more energy than the other modes that do have pedal assist.

Nakto 20" Fat Tire Bike, 3 Different modes to Ride

In this regard, the Nakto Bike 20″ Discovery Fat Tire electric bike has 3 modes of assistance that are detailed below:

1. Unassisted Mode

The electric bicycle behaves like a normal bicycle in which it is the action of the pedal that drives it. To make the crossing easier, Nakto Bike incorporates a 6-speed Shimano selector, which will be selected depending on the road. The lower gear, i.e. the first gear, is used to make pedaling easier, but on the other hand, the final speed is slowed down. By selecting the highest gear, the top speed increases but the effort to pedal as well.

2. Partial Assist Mode

In this mode, the bicycle pedal is an indicator for the electronic unit of how fast the bicycle should go. When pedaling slowly, the electric bicycle will go slowly, as the pedaling speed increases, the bicycle will also go faster. Additionally, in this mode, Nakto implements an important option to maximize energy consumption and is the option to select the assistance level: Low, Mid and High. It ranges from a light assistance in which the driver’s effort requirement will always be present, to the highest level in which the comfort level is higher.

3. Full Assist Mode

In this mode, the use of pedals is not necessary to ride the electric bike Nakto Fat Tire Bike 20″ Discovery. Simply turn the throttle mounted on the right handlebar to start riding. It’s the mode that offers the most comfort but at the same time the one that consumes the most battery power. The method of achieving optimum performance is to try out different methods of assistance during the various stages of your journey and combine them where necessary so that you can get the most out of them without sacrificing your comfort. For example, in situations where the road is a sloping slope in your favor, you may switch to a light assist mode or even try to bypass it and return to a more participatory mode if suddenly the condition of the road changed against you and the pedaling ceases to be light.

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Front and Rear Disc Brakes to Stop your Nakto 20" Fat Tire Bike

With regard to energy saving, each person can go on testing during a particular journey in order to find the optimum point at which, while still feeling comfortable with the benefits that driving with electric assistance offers, you can at the same time extend the battery’s autonomy.

About the brakes, the Nakto Fat Tire Bike 20″ Discovery Fat Tire is equipped with mechanically activated brake discs on both wheels. This type of system is one of the most efficient for this type of vehicle and at the same time very easy to maintain. If you want to know more about bike brakes, you can click here to read more.

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Two shock absorbers to maximize Comfort

In relation to electronics. Its LCD screen is wide enough to be able to easily see the information shown on it. Speed, distance travelled, level and assistance mode are the data that are visible to the driver. When it comes to night riding, the Nakto Bike 20″ Discovery electric bike comes standard with an LED headlight that allows you to see the road clearly enough. However, in the absence of a taillight to serve as a reference for other drivers, we recommend that you purchase one that can easily be installed under the seat or its supporting pillar.

As for riding comfort, the Nakto Bike 20″ Discovery Fat Tire includes two shock absorbers on the front that absorb all the imperfections of the road, preventing vibrations from reaching the wrists of your hands and with prolonged use can bring some discomfort. Also, descending from the bleachers or a steep slope will become a much friendlier action with a front shock absorber system like the one this electric bike rides. On the other hand, the rear part does not have a suspension equipped to perform the same function, but the cushioning of springs that the seat has perfectly resolves the aspect related to comfort when riding on flat ground, absorbing the vibrations.

In short, the Nakto Bike 20″ Discovery Fat Tire electric bike is a very good choice for the person who wants to buy an all-terrain means of transport, with excellent performance for daily use and very user-friendly. With a modern design, solid construction and the ability to change batteries easily in a matter of seconds for longer journeys, the Nakto Bike 20″ is an option that you should definitely consider.

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