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Nakto Electric Bike: 250W brushless high speed motor – gives electric bike for adult a powerful boost to speed up to 20 mph. High-end six-speed shifting system, perfect to meet your different needs for speed. LED turntable instrument, simplify operation button, make your riding operations easier and convenient.

nakto electric bike

Nakto Electric Bike 26" Wheels

The 26″ Nakto E Bike, a bicycle ride or use in the city, offers everything a user can expect from an environmentally friendly and practical means of transport, such as the electric bicycle. Built on a frame of harmonious lines, a combination of classic and modern features, this is the type of vehicle that has everything you need to transport it safely and comfortably, whether for fun or to cover a need.

Nakto Strong Carbon Steel Frame

In relation to its production, the electric bicycle Nakto E Bike 26, has a robust frame made of carbon steel with powder paint treatment that offers excellent resistance to rust. In addition, the reinforcement in the main “U” arm, will relieve the tension on this part that all bikes with this design are prone to have and thus avoid premature fatigue. Therefore, the construction of the frame of the bicycle has been made thinking to last through the years.

nakto 26 electric bike

Front Shock Absorber for more Comfort

About comfort, the Nakto E Bike 26″ electric bicycle has a system of shock absorbers on the front to absorb imperfections in the road and not transfer them to the handlebars, which could cause you, over time, discomfort in the joints of the wrists if you are a regular driver. At the rear, it does not have a suspension system itself but the cushioning provided by the springs at the base of your seat will allow you to enjoy riding the bike without worry.

250w Motor and 25 miles with a single battery charge

its power plant consists of a 250w brushless motor that is capable of taking an average adult to a maximum speed of 20 mph (32 kph) in complete safety. To give it energy, the Nakto E Bike 26″ mounts a removable 36v / 10Ah Lithium Ion battery that can give it a maximum driving range of up to 25 miles (40 kms), however it is good to keep in mind that the battery life in any vehicle of this type, is directly related to the road conditions, i.e. if the road is uphill, or if it has steep slopes in several parts of the journey that require additional energy consumption. There is also the driving style, such as frequent stops and subsequent demands for quick starts.

Efficient Front V-Brake and Rear Expansion Brake

The braking system of the Nakto E Bike 26″ is V-Brake type on the front and basically consists of two jaws one on each side of the wheel that when operated by the handlebars, adhere to the aluminum part of the wheel and friction stop it. The material that composes them is resistant to temperature and friction. With use it wears down, so at some point, it will be necessary to replace them. Such an operation is fortunately very simple to perform. In the back it has drum brake system, very similar to some small motorcycles and it is also activated by the handlebars. This component also has a material that over time requires maintenance and replacement of the friction component. The process is not as simple as on the front but if you have some skills and some tools, it won’t be a problem. On the other hand, there is always the assistance of a specialized center to perform the proper inspection. If you want to know more about bike brakes, you can click here to read more.

nakto 26 electric bike

3 Differents ways to enjoy your Nakto E Bike

In order to enjoy your Nakto E Bike 26″ electric bicycle, the manufacturer incorporated three options for different driving modes:

Only Pedal Mode

1. Pedal. Under this mode, the 250w electric motor is out of service, and the bike behaves like any other conventional bike. You can make use of the 6 different gears through its Shimano brand selector and, without restriction by taking into consideration the level of battery charge since everything works in manual mode.

Partial Assist

2. Auxiliary. Under this mode, you use the pedal to drive the bicycle but it is the electric motor that actually does the job of moving it. This assistance frees you from the effort of pedaling and simply doing so will serve the electronic module as a reference for how fast you want to go. If you pedal slowly, the electric bicycle will go slow, if you increase the rhythm, the engine will start to spin faster as well.

Full Assist

3. Totally Electric. In this option, you do not have to use the pedals to drive the bike, just move the accelerator on the handlebar for the electric motor to start and you can sit relaxed to enjoy the ride. This is the mode that also consumes the most energy but also gives you maximum comfort.

nakto 26 electric bike

Front Storage and Rear Useful Grid

As accessories, the Nakto E Bike 26″ electric bicycle offers you a convenient and very useful front basket where you can take shopping items, your wallet or any personal utensil with total security because it has a very good closure and its support is enough to carry a few pounds of extra weight. In the back there is a multipurpose rack that can be used to put a bag of objects, the same ones that can be bought as additional equipment and you can see them clicking here. You also have the option of mounting a baby carrier seat as long as the maximum load capacity of 250 Lbs (113.40 Kgr) is not exceeded.

Nakto E Bike, Great bike for City commuters

In summary, the construction features of the Nakto E Bike 26″, its rigid and solid carbon steel frame, options for different driving modes, 6 speeds for a more comfortable manual driving mode, extra accessories such as the front basket and rear rack to open more storage or transport possibilities, the inclusion of good front and rear lighting that contributes to the safety of seeing and being seen on the road. For all these reasons, the electric bicycle Nakto E Bike 26″ is an option that should be taken in mind if you are looking for an ecological and utilitarian means of transport, with space and conditioning to organize objects or even as a family transport support for short distances.

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