Kaabo Wolf Warrior 2

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kaabo wolf warrior

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 2 Electric Scooter

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 2 Electric Scooter is currently considered among the most powerful and highly reliable electric scooters on the market. Its robust construction, with a solid frame, high-quality electronics from the Minimotors factory, one of the most reliable brands in electric components for high-performance scooters, makes it a true All Terrain vehicle.

kaabo wolf warrior

Awesome 5400w Full Peak Power!

We will begin by mentioning what you so much want to know: The Power! and this is not to be taken lightly when riding an electric scooter like the kaabo Wolf Warrior II because you can end up hurt. It is absolutely essential to ensure your integrity, use safety equipment such as helmet and knee and elbow guards as standard equipment. And why do we say this? as the Kaabo Wolf Warrior II has two engines of the brand Minimotors, one on each wheel and 1200w each. Yes, as you hear it, 1200w on each wheel, that is 2,400w total and with a monstrous peak of 5,400w power, which will easily allow you to reach 90kph leaving you clamped with nails and teeth to the platform.

kaabo wolf warrior

Kaabo Electric Scooter: There is nothing on the road that you cannot pass!

The kaabo Wolf Warrior II has a battery of 60v and 35ah with high-performance cells from brands as LG, Samsung or Panasonic and with an approximate charging time of 14-17 hours. You can order an extra charger and reduce the time up to 7 hours. The autonomy is up to 94 miles max (150km) if you’re using just one motor and depending on the ride conditions. Using both electric motors, 57 miles max (90 kms).. However, driving in real conditions with different road climbings and alternating between one or two motors, with full power or half power, your real metric will be around 50 miles (31kms). Sounds like a common street scooter metric but the main difference is how you can be able to transport you from A to B points. Not restricted to conserve energy (because you’re driving with “open throttle”) and flying like an eagle in many situations. Feeling excited about the adrenaline running in your blood not has price.

kaabo wolf warrior

Kaabo Off Road Electric Scooter

As we said before, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior II is a scooter that is made for all types of terrain, has 11″ tires very well adapted for this purpose, being a bit noisy when driving on the asphalt. important to note that they have no inner tube and it is some difficult to get these suffer a puncture but it is highly recommended to use a liquid to cure instant punctures.

kaabo wolf warrior

Amazing ABS Brakes to keep control under any circumstances.

5,400w peak and 2,400w nominal, 90kph maximum speed! So the logical question is: And how will I stop? We say logic because a taco brake as in an electric scooter ride, an e-brake or v-brake will not be enough. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior II has two brake discs, one on each wheel and activated by an ABS hydraulic system (Anti Block System), which will allow you to stop in emergency conditions with shocking accuracy.

kaabo wolf warrior

Kaabo Electric Scooter. Smooth Hydraulic Suspension

In relation to comfort in off-road trips, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior II has a hydraulic suspension in front and a fork with shock absorbers in the back, which gives an excellent feeling of firmness and safety wherever you decide to drive it. It is important to add that the height of approximately 20cm from the ground to the base of the platform adds the ability to be able to descend from sidewalks or to avoid hills in the road without practically damaging the lower part.

kaabo wolf warrior

Fully Illumination to Watching anything Around

An important point to highlight is the lighting. In total, 4 headlights will allow you to illuminate the road to give you the confidence to trace the route without fear of surprises. To be visible to those who come from the back, it also has a rear red light beacon perfectly visible in any circumstance. To give it a modern and striking touch, it has a line of colored LED lights on each side.

kaabo wolf warrior

High-Speed Charging Battery Option

Important details about the Kaabo Wolf Warrior II Electric Scooter: The manufacturer recommends after high-speed driving, let the battery cool for a few minutes before putting it to charge, this in order to protect the cells and prevent premature failure. Additionally, in very cold climates below 15 ° C, the batteries may decrease their performance and it is not advisable to keep the batteries exposed to -20 ° C as they will suffer breakdowns. Also, if you do not plan to use the scooter for a long time, you should charge the batteries, remove them from the scooter and store them in a dry and suitable environment according to the temperature indications described. Similarly, charge them again at least once a month. It is very important to keep in mind that the Scooter cannot remain exposed to rain while it is not being used and must be careful with water immersion because it could be harmful to some electronic components

kaabo wolf warrior

Specification: Kaabo Wolf Warrior 2

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Charging Time






Foldable Design


Front Brakes

Front Light

Front Suspension

Front Wheel


Include Battery

LCD Display

Load Capacity


Range per Charge

Rear Brakes

Rear Light

Rear Suspension

Rear Wheel

Removable Battery



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  1. Felipe Gray

    omg!! 50mph ??? that’s insane !!

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  2. Mike Dowell

    It’s really impressive!. that’s my first impression about this scooter. I have other scooters from different brands and I rode many more, so I can say that this scooter is on the top of the best. I’m very grateful for the recommendations and communication during the shipment.
    Thanks, guys!

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