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GoPro Hero 7 Black Amazing Action Camera

The GoPro Hero 7 Black is the latest model on action cameras from the manufacturer. This version improves a good previous product and the key is in their electronic stabilization. Three different options are available: Black, Silver and White. Depending on it, some specifications are different. Black option has the sensor with the maximum resolution also the stabilization improvement, the ability to remove the battery or include GPS option. The model offered here is the GoPro Hero 7 Black, the same that incorporates the latest technology developed by the manufacturer.

The design of the camera body has been maintained throughout the different updates. The main difference is about the materials or the finishing of these. GoPro now chooses a softer finish, very well finished, with solid materials and a great feeling of robustness. The quality of construction reaches a high level and the camera is robust enough to be subjected to extreme situations even without the use of housing.

At the top are the recording and photo shot button. On the side of the camera, the power button and mode selection. At the opposite side of this, the lid that gives access to the USB connector for charging and transferring data plus the mini HDMI connector for video signal output. On the front side a small screen that shows information about modes, video and photo settings as well as battery level. And in the lower part the access cover to the removable battery and the microSD slot. In the box next to the camera comes the accessory/housing that allows us to fix it in the rest of accessories compatible with GoPro, USB C cable and some adhesive fixing plate.

gopro hero 7 black

"HyperSmooth" The New Electronic Stabilization System

Its dimensions are 62.3 x 44.9 x 33 mm and 116gr of weight, keeping an excellent level of portability for the use that our creative mind allows. The rear screen is touch responsive. In addition, the GoPro Hero 7 Black integrates a 12-megapixel sensor that allows high-resolution photographs and captures 4K video at up to 60 frames per second. If you reducing the resolution you can increase up to 240 fps. The following viewing angles are available: superview, wide angle and linear. Depending on the settings, the fish-eye effect will be more or less pronounced.

Photos can be captured in JPG or RAW. If you prefer, you can control the shutter speed and activate or deactivate “Protune”, which gives you control over the compensation, white balance, minimum and maximum ISO, level of sharpness and colour profile that can be normal, enhanced or Flat.

About the video, between the different resolution options and FPS, you will also find shutter control, ISO, sharpness, exposure compensation, colour profile and settings that affect sound or stabilization, point where there is an important novelty: “HyperSmooth” is an electronic stabilization system that GoPro has included in the Hero 7. For cause to the use of its GP1 chip and 2GB of memory, the camera is able to obtain a stabilized image of great quality even without the use of a Gimbal.

This electronic system is not perfect, there are situations where it can be seen that the sequence has been corrected by software, different from the effect produced by a tool designed for that purpose, but in the most recording sessions, results really important and you can recognize a great job of HyperSmooth system. However, not all video settings can be applied to this novel tool.

gopro hero 7 black

Stabilization Spec Chart

Resolution Frame Rates Stabilization
4K 4:3 30/25 Not stabilized
4K 4:3 24 Std
4K 60/50 HyperSmooth
4K 30/25 HyperSmooth
4K 24 HyperSmooth
2.7K 4:3 60/50 HyperSmooth
2.7K 4:3 30/25 HyperSmooth
2.7K 4:3 24 HyperSmooth
2.7K 120/100 Not stabilized
2.7K 60/50 HyperSmooth
2.7K 30/25 HyperSmooth
2.7K 24 HyperSmooth
1440p 120/100 Std
1440p 60/50 HyperSmooth
1440p 30/24 HyperSmooth
1440p 24 HyperSmooth
1080p 240/200 Not stabilized
1080p 120/100 Std
1080p 60/50 HyperSmooth
1080p 30/25 HyperSmooth
1080p 24 HyperSmooth
960p 240/200 Not stabilized
960p 120/100 Std
720p 240/200 Not stabilized
720p 60/50 HyperSmooth

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Better Audio and High-Quality 4k Video

The Gopro HERO 7 Black It has improved microphones with the option to capture RAW audio. When you activating the camera, it will apply an audio processing, analyzing the capture to offer the best quality option and depending on three levels of processing: high, medium and low in stereo, wind or automatic sound.

The video at 4K resolution and 60fps is very high quality. The GoPro colour adjustment will correct it and leave it ready to share. But, with the flat profile, you will get an image oriented for postproduction and colour corrections. Also, is important to know, the camera is much more efficient in good lighting environments.

Live Streaming to share your best Action Scene

An interesting feature that gives a great value to this camera, is the ability to stream from the mobile app, using Facebook, YouTube or your own platform. The recognition of the face, smile and detection of scene or TimeWarp, a video function that creates a Time Lapse in movement with great quality thanks to the super stabilization system of this new GoPro Hero 7 Black.

The voice commands, useful depending on the situation, still being the same but the recognition has been improved, thanks to the improved microphones and signal processing. You can make the camera work using these commands but If you want to maximize the energy saving, it is suggested to keep the speech recognition option off.

gopro hero 7 black

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Specification: GoPro Hero 7 Black


Videos: GoPro Hero 7 Black

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