Electric Fat Bike Nakto 26″


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Nakto 26" Fat Tire Electric Bike

The Nakto 26″ Electric Fat Bike is an excellent choice if you are looking for an all-terrain bike. With its 4″ wide tires and 26″ diameter wheels, you’ll be able to pass through different types of terrain perfectly. From rocky roads, dirt, trails, sand and snow, as well as getting around any obstacles you encounter on your way within the city. With the Nakto Electric Bike 26″ fat tire all-terrain, there won’t be a challenge you can’t face satisfactorily.

nakto fat tire electric bike

Nakto 26" Fat Tire Bike is Suitable to Tall Passengers up to 6'5"

Due to its dimensions and technical characteristics, the Nakto 26″ Electric Fat Bike is perfectly suited for the adult public. 43″ tall and 75″ long is good enough to perfectly accommodate a tall person between 5’6″ and 6’8″ tall. With a frame made of high-strength carbon steel and a 500w motor, the Nakto 26″ Fat Tire Bike has enough thrust and rigidity to carry a maximum load of 300 lbs. (136 Kg).

nakto fat tire electric bike

Up to 50 miles Range per Charge

It also has the ability to reach 30mph (48 kph) and a range time of 35 – 50 miles (56 – 81 Kms), making the Nakto 26″ Electric Fat Bike a favorite in its segment. However, it is good to remember that the performance of electric vehicles is set according to favorable driving situations and as soon as the route presents greater sections with steep slopes or if there is a driving style of continuous stops and accelerated, the performance of the battery will decrease.

nakto fat tire electric bike

How to extend range per charge? 3 Ways to Ride

To enjoy all the benefits that the Nakto 26″ Electric Fat Bike can offer you, 3 driving modes are available:

1. Unassisted Mode

Unassisted mode, in which the bicycle behaves like a traditional one and is used by means of pedal force through the 6 Shimano gears, without electric assistance and only in manual mode.

2. Partial Assist

Mode with electrical assistance: In this mode you perform the action of pedaling but the electric motor will move the bicycle, relieving the load on the pedals. Under this option, the pedals serve as a reference to the electronic unit that governs the bicycle, which you want to go so fast, if you pedal slowly you go slowly, if you do it faster, the speed will increase.

3. Full Assist

Total Assistance Mode. Under this mode, you no longer have to pedal and simply control how fast you want the bike to go through an accelerator mounted on the handlebar.

nakto fat tire electric bike

Front and Rear Disc Brakes for Safety

For safety while riding, the Nakto 26″ Electric Fat Bike, mounts efficient disc brakes on both wheels, mechanically operated through the handlebars. The disc brake system is among the most efficient for bicycles of this type as it exerts a more precise braking, are able to withstand higher demands due to better performance to dissipate heat and maintenance is very simple. A few tools are enough to replace the friction pads or regulate them whenever necessary after a long period of use. If you want to know more about bike brakes, you can click here to read more.

nakto fat tire electric bike

Removable Battery for an easy charge or Extend your Commuting Range

The manufacturer equipped the Nakto 26″ Electric Fat Bike with a very functional LCD screen where you can perfectly appreciate important data such as driving speed, battery charge status, distance travelled, level of assistance, etc., all in a very intuitive way. Its battery, which takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully charge, can easily be removed and charged separately from the bicycle in your office or home if you prefer. You can also have the option of having a fully charged replacement alternate battery and replace it once the first one is exhausted, in order to extend the performance range of the bike.

nakto fat tire electric bike

Nakto 26" Electric Fat Bike, Your Best Option Today!

In summary, the Nakto 26″ Electric Fat Bike is a very good choice for a vehicle with the ability to move between three types of terrain: paved roads, affirmed terrain and off-road. Its powerful 500w engine allows it to provide efficient assistance on almost any type of surface, the 26″ diameter wheels and 4″ wide tires can easily avoid the most common situations that a cyclist may encounter during a typical crossing. However, it doesn’t have suspension, so the driver might feel it very stiff when driving quickly over unpaved trails and roads, but this type of riding more associated with mountain hill is a different orientation from the manufacturer’s Nakto 26″ Fat Tire Bike, which is basically an all-terrain bicycle and does perform perfectly.

nakto fat tire electric bike

The standard lighting allows you to see obstacles when driving at night, however for the characteristics of the bike, it would be highly recommended to add additional front and rear light equipment in order to have a better visual field and your experience is safer. Also note that its battery has a life expectancy of 5 years and in general, the Nakto Electric Bicycle 26″ Fat Tire Bike, a manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year. It’s waterproof and its removable battery is perfect because it can be recharged off the bike or you can carry a fully charged extra battery with you to extend performance. The Nakto 26″ Electric Fat Bike is for all these reasons, a very interesting option to consider.

nakto fat tire electric bike
nakto fat tire electric bike

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