ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike


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The Ancheer Folding Electric Bike adopts 100 percent lightweight aluminum alloy collapsible frame for quick folding and easy storage. You can have it with minimal storage space and easily store into any vehicle.


Ancheer, Awesome Folding Electric Bike!

The Ancheer Electric Folding Bike is a very versatile folding bike for use within the city. It has 20β€³ wheels and when retracted takes up little space, so it can easily be accommodated in the rear of the car leaving enough space in the trunk to store other things, or to store it in confined spaces.

Its assembly after removing it from the box is a little laborious because it comes partially assembled, but nothing that cannot be resolved with some patience. The video tutorial on this page will help you with the steps you must follow to have it ready to go for a ride in the shortest time and without complications.

Ancheer Folding Electric Bike

Strong aluminum frame capable to carry 330 Lbs max Load

A sturdy aluminum frame and a front fork with shock-absorbing system give the Ancheer Electric Folding Bike the ability to carry a maximum load of 330 Lbs. (150 Kgr). It can be used within the city as well as unpaved dirt roads.

Ancheer Folding Electric Bike

250w Brushless motor to reach up to 15 mph max Speed

With a 250w brushless gear motor, it is capable of reaching an average speed of 15 mph (24 kph) and having a performance between 15 to 30 miles (25 – 50 kms) of travel, depending on driving conditions, steep slopes, frequent stops, driver’s weight, speed, etc. Once the battery is exhausted, the time to recharge it until it is completely ready for a new journey will be from 4 to 6 hours. If you prefer, you can easily remove it from the frame and leave it to charge separately, or you can also have other extra batteries to replace them and extend the range of your Ancheer Electric Folding Bike.

The Ancheer Electric Folding Bike incorporates a system mechanically operated disc brakes from the handlebars giving you a perfect feeling of control over your bike. Brake discs offer better control over braking allowing you to stop the electric bicycle in a shorter travel space if the situation demands it. If you want to know more about bike brakes, you can click here to read more.

Ancheer Folding Electric Bike

Different modes to Ride and save Energy

For performance purposes, the Ancheer Electric Folding Bike offers three modes of riding assistance:

1. No Assistance. In this mode it behaves like a traditional bicycle with the availability to use the Shimano 7-speed selector to alleviate the pedaling load depending on the conditions of the ride.

2. Partial Assistance. Like most of the brand’s bikes, the Ancheer Electric Folding Bike incorporates three levels of electrical assistance to relieve the pedaling load. The Low, Middle and High modes reflect how the assistance will intervene while you pedal in order to decrease the load on the bike and help you propel the bike. A low level will save battery power but at the same time leave most of the work for you. On the other hand, the higher level will keep you more relaxed but consume more energy. The idea is to switch between the 3 modes depending on the road conditions in order to save energy and extend the range as much as possible.

3. Total Assistance. At this point, it is not necessary to pedal as the bicycle will move exclusively with electrical assistance. To determine the speed, you must use the accelerator mounted on the handlebars. This option is undoubtedly the most comfortable of all but, at the same time, the one that demands the greatest amount of energy.

Ancheer Folding Electric Bike

Front LED Headlamp and Dual Shock Absorbers for more Safety and Comfort

The lighting on the Ancheer Electric Folding Bike consists of a LED headlamp and reflective material on the rear. While the headlights do provide good illumination of the road. We suggest installing an additional set of LED lights that can give you a greater visual spectrum when driving on the road and above all, the security of being able to warn other drivers about their presence in a more efficient way.

Although it is true, the Ancheer Electric Folding Bike has front shock absorbers, these are basically made up of an internal spring that are very helpful and provide very good comfort during crossings within the city, go through gaps and cracks, descend from the sidewalk to the road, cross green areas or unpaved roads will be perceived in a more docile way than a front fork system that does not have this attachment.

Ancheer Folding Electric Bike

Ancheer folding electric Bike is simply Great

In short, the Ancheer Electric Folding Bike is an important proposal among the universe of folding bicycles of the same category and price. Its 20β€³ wheels give it a very good driving perception in the city, especially when maneuvering obstacles in congested areas. It has equipment that is not available in all commercial models for the same price range as it is for example, the Shimano 7-speed selector, have a battery easily removable and that allows to extend the range of travel if you have one or more additional spare parts, the rear grill to incorporate extra storage equipment or simply to help you transport cargo, among others. By the way, its mudguards are very efficient to avoid your clothes being splashed with water when passing through a puddle.

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